Yoga Postures (Asanas)

Kay Baxter performs Yoga WarriorYoga is a system that provides us with a means towards attaining greater ease and well being in our lives. Through practice of the postures, the systems and organs of the body are stimulated and with the effect of relieving the body of the tensions and toxic wastes that accumulate in the process of living.

Every posture has been designed for its effect on an organ, a nerve centre, a muscle, a gland. It is a system that has been worked out carefully and with precision.

Our entire mechanism is stretched, squeezed and stimulated so that we are able to function more smoothly and efficiently; we become well oiled, thoroughly serviced, and efficient vehicle.

I work with yoga postures (asanas) to take us deep into our bodies and being, creating space and opening to the hidden places where tensions reside. The way I work encourages developing a feeling awareness and attention to what is in process as we work with the postures. This way of working enables a deep easing out and loosening, and maximum movement and stretch without strain. My approach is to develop a responsive-ness to one’s own body and ‘feeling’ rather than an imposition of some form.

My main yoga influences have been the Satyananda tradition (including the work of Swami Janakananda) and the teachings and approach of Vanda Scaravelli.

My teaching reflects a strong connection to depth through my work with meditation and the energy body and the Scaravelli influence.

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