Yoga for Children – For Children

Yoga is a system of exercises that can be practiced by anybody. The practice is helpful to the body, making it strong, flexible and healthy. At the same time it stills and settles the mind and emotions to help us feel calm and easy within ourselves.

In yoga there is no winning or losing. The practice is about developing each individual body and mind and is not concerned with being better or worse than anybody else. Yoga recognises that we are all unique and precious. It is an individual practice (although it can be practiced in a group) that is designed to make us feel better; to help us feel good inside. Everyone can succeed because everyone can improve. We are all wonderful and magnificent deep within ourselves and yoga can help us to realise this when we practice regularly and over time.

During the yoga practice we will lie down, sit up or stand up at different times and do exercises or be still in these positions. We can have fun as we make our bodies into animal shapes and sometimes make animal noises. We will also learn how to be still and to pretend, and to listen to stories which can help our bodies to let go of tension, aches and pains and feelings of uneasiness that make us feel bad. This is a very enjoyable practice.

Yoga can help you to use your body well without strain, so that you may be more able to sit and stand easily without being uncomfortable. All the different parts of the inside of your body will work better.

Regular practice can help you to pay attention, to be interested in what is going on around you while being comfortable and relaxed within yourself. Yoga can help you to pay attention and concentrate better, as well as helping you to learn more easily and enjoy your learning more.

In yoga practice you move all parts of your body enabling everything to work well and helping you to feel well. You will also learn to be quiet and still and to feel the movement of your breathing, for short periods of time so that your body and mind can rest and become calm. You will have more energy and feel better afterwards.

Your ability to use your body well in all sorts of situations from sports to making things with your hands can improve with regular practice.
If you are nervous yoga can help to calm you. If you are shy or unsure of yourself you may become more confident.