Why Meditate and Pay Attention to The Deeper Aspects of Ourselves?

I asked this question of myself, many years ago, as I sat quietly one morning, before the start of a day’s workshop on the subject of ‘Deepening our connection to ourselves – Meditation and the Energy system’. The answer descended promptly and clearly;

Somewhere we have an inkling of something other, some potential, some possibility. That there is something that is deeper, richer, freer, more connected. There is a potential; something broad and wide and spacious where we can find more meaning. Meaning that is beyond the mundane and routine of everyday life, the drain of bureaucracy, the lifelessness of the consumer world of materialism, the deceit of the media. And in order to tap into and discover this potential we need to go inside, into the depths of our own being, and where there is a deep intelligence waiting to inform us; to be set free.

How can we see more clearly, feel more deeply, experience more fully, ‘be’ more completely who we are. We have all, to a greater or lesser degree developed patterns and habits that restrict and limit, that bind and tie, and that hold us in and back.

Meditation and related practices bring us back to ourselves, towards the truth of who we are that is beyond all the ‘holding’ and stuck-ness.

This is not about achieving or accomplishing but rather about peeling away the layers of ‘stuff’: the tensions, holding, tightness, unhelpful attitudes and beliefs and so on, that interfere with and obscure our true nature.