Whatever you do

Whatever you do

Whatever you do,
Wherever you go,
Whoever you are with,
You bring with you the totality of yourself
And that totality with all its inhibitions,
Prejudices, anxieties,
It’s fixed patterns and tensions
It’s questioning doubt
Will colour it all,
Colour everything.

And so we need to get close,
Know ourselves deeply,
Dig up the weeds and
Water and tend the delicate
Shoots pushing through,
Gaze at the quiet trees,
Imbue that strength and sureness;
The unwavering,
Embody fully,
Become all that we are.

This awkward transition,
This tottering edge,
Gathering everything to
Stretch into fullness,
Ease out, burst through;
Chrysalis releasing its
Light joyous wings.

Weaver of worlds and words
Brings a message
To share, show the people
That they are not alone and also
That in their separateness,
Their essence
They are whole and strong and beautiful.

Within me there is a child skipping,
Laughing, brimming joy
And there is a youth
Raging, tearing at his hair
And there is a prisoner;
Hoisting himself up with weary arms
To peer out of the barred window
At the bright sky

There is a mother
With an arm around each
One of these children and
So many more and there is an
Old wise woman with wild hair
Who watches over it all,
An infinite knowing
In her heart and soul.