What is it that you love

What is it that you love?

Whatever it is that you love
That has perhaps got lost
Seek it out
Watch for the flash
Of a spark
Then reach for
Twisted paper and thin sticks
Till flames kindled lick.
Urge any limp falling back
With a softly blown
Bringer of life
Then tend some more
Look out for the bright stretching
That twists and turns a rising dance,
Keep with it
Heed not the devil of
Doubt and distraction
Await the inner leap
Grow orange hot with
Do it now
It is never too late
First novels are published
Three score years and ten
The fruit of deepening
With the wrinkles
Eyes blazing
Than ever

This poem is a call to the creative spark that is deep within all beings, waiting. A piece to help ignite the imagination and thought processes of people to remember or find what it is that excites and inspires and makes them feel well and good and hopeful, that brings them alive. And then to find a way of moving with that, of bringing it to life, to fullness, of making a place for it in their lives, whatever it is. From planting seeds to grow herbs and flowers to tinkering in order to hone and progress skill with a musical instrument, to creative movement and dance, writing, drawing, baking cakes, preparing and serving delicious food to share and on and on and on. There is something for everyone and more since once we begin there can be an expansion into many things, many ways and materials with which to express. But start simply with one thing and move with that. Do it now! And begin to watch the process unfold.

Slowly, slowly, it takes time, and great patience is required during the germination process. Keep with it, keep with yourself. Tend and care softly the delicate shoots pushing through and the tears and the difficulties that can present in the process. Stay close to yourself and allow all feelings that arise, reminding yourself, all the while that this too will pass. The joy, the sorrow, the laughter and the tears – let it all come and flow, giving space and place so that it can wash through and free you more and more and begin to establish you more firmly on the path of your unique expression and creativity. Do not judge and criticise your efforts, love the process and the learning and your own movement into a fuller aliveness.

This is a poem that is especially reaching towards those experiencing depression and a sense of meaningless and empty and with a lack of enthusiasm for life and doing. There is a life force within you, within us all, (you need look no further) that is waiting to be sparked, to be given a place to grow and flower. It is a work, a journey with all the highs and lows that are the stuff of lives. But more and more as these are traversed, the inner core of strength and containment is building towards a fullness and steadiness and the potential of all you really are. We are all Kings in this life, there are no paupers unless we choose that route, which is a movement and straying away from self, away from the richness, the fullness, the jewel of who you really are.