Waking up; becoming more of who we are.

We are living in times where there is more and more potential for increasing consciousness. At the same time, and in the way of polarity, many are becoming more and more lost in deep habit patterns, addictions and relentless busyness. In this way every moment is filled so that there is no space for creative intelligence to rise up and inform.

Each one of us; you and I, are a part of a continuum that began before we were born, and there is a momentum in this. This connects to the ‘all is one’ reality; that everything has an effect, and we are affected by everything. And that includes our ancestry and the family we have been born into.

Since much of our life is beyond our control, surrendering to life as it unfolds whilst finding our own original and creative way becomes a path of consciousness. This that links to the deep intelligence of inner knowing. Yet many have little access to this, and more pertinently have little if any connection to a quality of trust that allows us to operate in tune with these inner depths.

I am currently listening to an audio production of ‘The dark is rising’, by Susan Cooper. Written for older children but equally enjoyable for adults it speaks in story form of the real issues around the influence of dark forces. We can include in this, forces at work within us, as human beings, where light and dark interplay and where we can be taken down by strong emotions; anxiety, depression, hopelessness and so on.

It came to me some days ago that ‘the dark is rising’ equates in one way with ‘fear is rising’. These times are certainly saturated with fear, and with the spreading of it like wild fire. And yet there are within us depths that we can plumb to reveal an ease of being where fear is not a significant aspect, and where our increasing consciousness; our waking up, reveals so much light and light heartedness.

Fear results in all manner of tension, tightness and ‘holding on’ in our bodies, and at the same time holds up the life force, keeping us away from free flowing, in tune, in rhythm, life. In many people fear may not be something they are consciously aware of and yet still it can subtly drive lives, limiting possibility and blocking potential.

Accessing the inner depths through practices with meditation and becoming more still, is an invitation to begin to find and recover our own way. Space is created, putting us in touch with our inner intelligence and knowing, and that can begin to guide our lives. In the process we see more clearly our own patterns and tendencies; our addictions that hold us together, but that at the same time weigh us down, anaesthetising, so that we wont have to feel fully. Unfortunately our capacity for joy and the flow of creative energy is also numbed and reduced.

In beginning a path to greater consciousness we begin to see more clearly and can bring the dark forces out into the light. In doing so they no longer have the same hold.

Just the seeing is enough; a huge step. We open to, look, see, then relax; consciousness will have its effect.

‘Anything that we bring into the light, becomes light’

Saint Paul

And at some stage we may move to address whatever it is, in some way. The dark will include all the unhelpful beliefs, habit patterns and ways of being and thinking that sabotage our best interests, without our even knowing they are doing so.

In taking this path we are making helpful and wholesome contribution, whilst at the same time freeing ourselves and our own precious energy.

Becoming conscious is central to the work of meditation, and to the drawing forth of our true ‘pure being’ Self. A path is cleared and light shone on what has been suppressed, avoided and held onto. Energy has to go somewhere and when there is no free flowing outlet, it manifests as tension in the body, and/or emotional difficulties.

As we continue to suppress and hold on, tension increases, affecting in various ways both physical and mental health. And at the same time our energy and creative potential is blocked and trapped.

Simple practices and teachings guide us gently to open more fully to our moment to moment experience. We begin to allow ourselves ‘to be’, and from this to see, and, in time, to loosen all the tight judgemental condemnation that has and does block our way to free fluid being. Each individual unfolds at their own pace and according to their natural rhythm and pace.

To shine the light is a path to becoming more free, to find that there is something brighter, richer, less arduous when we take courage to slow down, create space, open, to see more clearly.

In time, intuition, which is a very swift flowing energy is released, so that we are guided and directed from within, from our own deep intelligence. This free flow that is held up and blocked by the busy unproductive nonsense mind, which goes on and on, as it has for years and years with all its repetitive unhelpful stories.

This path of freedom is also a path to greater connectedness and interrelatedness. Our finding our own true path, each one of us, enables that we have so much more to contribute to the whole.

Now is the time, like no other, to step out of your busy mind towards your free flow light being Self.