In the Work Place, in Education, in Hospitals, Healthcare Centres, Gyms

I offer taster sessions for time periods of one hour slots to whole days. The days could be part of a Continued Professional development facility or as enrichment, stress management or related provision within the work place or as an outside of work option.

Further work in order to provide some regular input for staff or students would include short courses over varying periods of time and according to the particular work or education environment. Sessions of once or twice a week over a 6 or 8 week period are popular options whilst other ongoing arrangements can be negotiated.

Through working with the practices, and in time, the individuals within the work or education system will have had a real opportunity to develop practices they can use themselves to help them towards increased feelings of well being and efficiency in their work and lives.

For further information about these workshops or to book please contact Kay Baxter by Clicking Here