What people have said about the work

I was drawn to do Kay’s Meditation, the energy system and personal development course in 2013, as I was at a point in my life where I was beginning to feel the need to explore the practice of meditation in a more serious and disciplined way.

Working with a small committed group of people, along with the wonderful breadth of teachings, meditations, practices, energy exercises, body work, asana, music and movement, fulfilled all my expectations.

Between the monthly sessions, the recommended daily personal practice, backed up by the keeping of a personal reflective journal and the reading of recommended texts, greatly added to the depth of my experience, understanding and learning.

Since completing the course my meditation practice has become firmly rooted in my everyday life. Beginning my day with meditative reflection and mindfulness has opened up a whole new dimension of self awareness and personal growth for me, which has been a great blessing. As a result of this shift, I was drawn to enrol on the ‘Deepening to ourselves 1’ course in 2014, which offered an opportunity for me to continue and deepen my personal inner work.

I cannot praise Kay’s courses highly enough. She is a truly inspirational and creative teacher with many years of personal experience and commitment to the work. Taking part in her courses has taken me from being someone who thought of and talked about meditation , to someone who actually practices meditation. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Simon 2016

Just a little note to say thank you for the last 10 months and for teaching me how to find acceptance in my practice and the ever changing things that life brings. I will carry through your teachings in my everyday life and look forward to expanding my knowledge in the years ahead. Thank you for a beautiful course.
– Lucie, 2013

I gained so much from the module and it has enabled me to experience and let go of many of the ‘veils’ obscuring the light. I feel lighter and not so bogged down by earthly emotions and thoughts. I feel that I am well on my way to being released into greater and greater experiences of freedom and I trust that this freedom will be used to help others find peace and comfort. With love and thanks
– Emily 2011

This has been a really accessible springboard into meditation. I feel like I can do it…that I’m on a path that I can continue to follow. Thank you, I’ve loved it.

I just want to express my ‘thanks’ for a wonderful course. It has been a complete revelation. After 25 years of yoga practice, the use of the practices on the Meditation Module have enabled me to ‘truly’ see what it’s all about. I feel I am experiencing a real awakening.
– Gillian 2009

Thank you for everything. You and the course have been so supportive to me at a very difficult time in my life.
Kari 2013

I have found you to be a wonderful and gifted teacher who has helped me enormously on the journey. I enjoyed this module so much that I have already enrolled for further studies. Thank you from my heart for what you have shared and given me. Pete 2009

A lovely module. Really helpful. I have developed and grown thanks to your teachings. Very grateful to you.
Jerry 2009

It is only now towards the end of the course that I am starting to really enjoy meditation. It has been a struggle for me but I now feel I’ve crossed a line! I have found your approach intuitive, empathetic and insightful and have gained great benefit from it. Thank you.
Elizabeth 2011

I have found this course transformational, exciting. I have learned a lot and feel the benefits in my daily life. I cannot recommend this course highly enough
– Jo, Swansea 2007

Just a short note to say Thank you for your wonderful meditation day on Sunday. I left feeling nurtured and ‘lifted’. Your teaching continues to inspire me in all the best possible ways.
Marjorie 2014

Thank you for your help and encouragement along the meditation path. Each day we have explored together has been enriching and enlightening. I am pleased to have completed the module – now the challenge is to keep it going!
Pammie 2008

Thank you again for your skill in practising and teaching. I feel that at last I’m on the right road. What a lot to undo, what a gift!
Janey 2015

I just wanted to write and let you know that I practised my affirmation religiously and your relaxation techniques and they really helped. Especially your relaxation CD. Although I was still a little nervous during my exams, from approximately a week after I saw you I began to sleep so much better and everything became easier. I passed my exams and am now off to start work as a junior doctor. This is definitely thanks to you.
– Sara, Bristol 2007

I am so glad that I have taken part in this course. I have enjoyed it all very much and learned a great deal. It was another milestone in my development as a teacher. Thank you for making it possible.
– Valda, Somerset 2006

I have learned most of all that I need to give myself time and space to rest and reflect. Thank you for helping me with these huge steps and changes I needed to make. A thoroughly enjoyable course that has left me wanting to learn more.
– Annie, Somerset 2005

This was probably the most interesting and beneficial course I have done. I feel I have a real understanding of meditation and it’s practice. It was quite incredible.
– Andrea 2008