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Meditation and mindfulness to support our lives

During this experiential session we will be learning to sit and ‘be’ with ourselves in order to find a deeper connectedness, which includes building a strong foundation and connection to being grounded.

We will look at what get’s in the way and makes it difficult or challenging to sit and meditate. We will also look at how taking time to sit and ‘be’ in stillness and presence feeds and nourishes our being and how this then radiates through our days and doings.

Deepening our connection to ourselves – Meditation and the energy system for stress and life management

This session aims to give participants an experience of the practice of meditation and of how this affects their sense of themselves. We will work with recognising when we are out of balance and stressed and look at practices for the purpose of restoration and responding to one’s state of being.

We will look at how getting to know oneself better and increasing awareness and acceptance of oneself can assist towards managing ones daily life with more sensitivity and towards greater ease and well being.

Meditation, mindfulness and the power of thought

In this workshop we will consider how our thinking and mind state has an effect on our lives. We will look at how we can get to know more our particular patterns of thinking and how meditation and mindfulness can help us to stay centred, present and more in charge of ourselves.

We will work with developing a ‘feeling’ awareness which can begin a process of taking a step away from busy, cluttered and unproductive mind states.

Revive, restore, replenish – A day of nurturing

This experiential day incorporating meditation, mindfulness and simple yoga stretching aims to give you the opportunity to restore and renew as you learn. You will experience a variety of practices that will deepen your connection to yourself. This will include a meaningful exploration of the subtle energy system.

An important element of the day is to help participants to recognise the ways in which stress affects them as an individual. The importance and value of self acceptance will be explored as a further focus, along with other ‘tools’ for self and life management.

Meditation and writing

The practices of meditation and writing are explored as a means to making a deeper, fuller connection to ourselves and towards increasing awareness and understanding of ourselves.

The way I teach is experiential; I will guide and instruct in simple practices that invite you to settle into a quieter, more peaceful place within yourself. I weave the practice of writing into the work with meditation as a further means to getting to know oneself and revealing more of who we are. I have found writing to have a great capacity to make sense of experience and to clarify.

This day is for all those interested in working with meditation and writing to begin a process of deepening the connection to oneself and exploring one’s own expression through the recording of experience. The potential for creative writing can arise from these practices.

‘Getting to know oneself’ ~ meditation and the energy system

This will be an introductory day to give students a taste of working with meditation and the energy system. The subtle body supports and surrounds our physical body and is a vital and essential part of ourselves. We can learn to tune into and work with the chakras (energy centres) and points in the energy system in helpful ways towards greater awareness, sensitivity and understanding of ourselves. Participants will learn about the energy system and be introduced to some simple practices that they can work with at home.

Drawing close to ourselves ~ creating ground and containment through meditation practice

In this workshop we will work with practices to provide an experience of coming into a deeper connection to ourselves. We will explore practices that encourage a ‘feeling’ awareness as an alternative to being lost in ‘busy’ mind. This automatically brings us closer to our selves and towards a more harmonious experience of being.

We will look at ways of working with distractedness and over-thinking and how we may work with strong emotions and states of being. In this way we may gain some insight into such areas as fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression and other commonly experienced states of being.

We will see how we can become more aware of our patterns around thinking, and how meditation and mindfulness can help us to stay centred, present and more in charge of ourselves.

Fatigue – Recognising it, responding to it, managing it, towards general health and well being.

Fatigue is sufficiently widespread in modern day lives as to be considered endemic. In any workplace; office, hospital, school, university, shop floor and so on, as well as within our home environments, many, many people will experience fatigue in their daily lives. There are varying degrees of fatigue and of our responses to it, and these factors will determine how much and how adversely it affects our lives. When we experience fatigue on a regular basis and to the extent that our sense of well being is noticeably diminished then we need to find ways to address this. Our capacity to understand and to find helpful ways of responding enables us to take charge and towards a reduction of the symptoms and an improved quality of life. In this work shop we will look at the particulars of fatigue; how it may manifest, how to recognise it and how we can begin to respond towards a better balance in our lives. Simple meditation and related practices will be explored to help us connect with ourselves and respond to our fatigue and related states of being.