Tension is an imbalance of rhythm. We have lost our naturalness and a connection to a ‘depth of being’. In this depth, stillness and ease rest waiting. When these are restored we experience a sense of well-being and harmony.

Elmer Green, a prominent psycho-physicist who co-founded the Association for applied Psychophysiology and biofeedback, conducted extensive research in America in the 1980’s from which he concluded thata relaxed state will restore the immune defence system better than anything. – Elmer Green

Dr Herbert Benson from Beth Israel Hospital school in Boston has realised through his research into high blood pressure that whilst the body reacts to stress, to the perception of a perilous situation, with the fight or flight response; that is the body prepares itself for fight or flight, the relaxation response does not necessarily come by itself when it is needed.

Just sitting quietly, or say, watching television, is not enough to produce the physiological changes. You need to use a relaxation technique that will break the train of everyday thought, and decrease the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. – DR H Benson

Through using a relaxation technique you learn to achieve a state of rest that is deeper than sleep whilst you remain awake and experience what is happening.

These simple practices can have a tremendous impact on our state of being and on the quality of our lives when used regularly. The relaxation technique works by itself, you need only lie still and follow the instructions. In time you become familiar with the relaxed state.

A feeling of well being, ease and harmony is the gift of relaxation.

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