Relaxation CD

Audio CD’s by Kay Baxter.

Relax and Restore single CD
a guided relaxation with Kay Baxter

Buy Relax and Restore CD - A Guided Relaxation with Kay Baxter
Approximate playing time is 30 minutes.


The ability to relax has a calming and restorative effect on the body, mind and emotions. This recording is designed to assist and lead you into a place of deep relaxation.

You will be guided through the different parts and layers of your body and to the experience of your breathing, whilst you simply follow with your awareness, observing and feeling sensations as your experience develops and deepens.

Giving yourself “time” in this way can enable you to rest deeply such that you emerge refreshed and revitalised.

Time For You Double CD
guided relaxations with Kay Baxter

Buy Time For You Double CD - Guided Relaxations with Kay Baxter
Long guided relaxation running time 30 minutes.
Short guided relaxation running time 20 minutes.


This CD set consists of 2 versions of the nurture and nourish relaxation process, one of approximately 20 minutes listening and the other approximately 30 minutes. You can choose which version you want to work with at any one time according to your need and the time you have available.