Autumn Tree leavesThere are many ways in which you can learn to bring mindfulness into your daily life. Doing so opens up a whole new approach to ‘being’ which is enjoyable and interesting. It is very helpful in enabling us to get to know ourselves better. When we do so we feel more fully alive and we become more in charge of our lives.

Mindfulness is a state of ‘being’ and ‘doing’ whereby we are attentive and alert in the moment, with whatever we are doing and however we are.

Another word for mindfulness is presence – we are present in the moment rather than being lost in our thinking; in planning what we are going to do at some later date, or in remembering and going over something that has already happened.

Mindfulness is the thread of meditation we take with us following a formal sitting meditation practice, into our minute to minute life – it is the link to presence in everything that we do, a reminder to keep coming back.

When we are mindful we pay attention, we are very present with whatever we are doing and where ever we are. We are not trying to ‘get away’ from this moment into some thought or distractedness but rather we are feeling and experiencing fully what ‘is’ in the moment. In this way we are more fully alive.