MeditationMeditation is a means by which we can make a deeper, fuller connection to ourselves. It is a progressive movement towards stillness, which is away from being lost in the past, in the future or in our worry and difficulties.

Range of uses:

  • A means through which to connect to ourselves for short periods, in order to rest and to restore our energy
  • To release tensions that have built up over the preceding time.
  • To begin a process of getting towards know ourselves better.
  • To encourage (and practice) a way of being, that is more present in the ‘now’ – this moment – and away from distractedness and lack of focus.
  • To bring us back to ourselves when we have become lost or scattered or fragmented in our busy mind and emotions.
  • To help us gain clarity when we have become confused, lost our centre or feel uncertain about something.
  • To help connect us to the deep inner knowing and wisdom that is waiting in the very depth of our being.

Basic Structure of the Meditation Practice

You will be guided through the different parts of your body and to the experience of your breathing. With practice you will be able to do this for yourself.

The practice brings us back to the present moment through the process of experiencing the body and the breath. In the process our whole system can slow down and relax.

Following the practice we can feel that we have reconnected, become calmer and easier. We have ‘come together’, ‘gathered ourselves’, ‘our energy’ into one place, into this moment, all together as one. It is the opposite of ‘being all over the place’. It is a wonder and a relief.

There are many progressions and extensions to this basic ‘foundation’ practice.