In The Workplace


‘Giving back to the workforce’

Building co-operation and integrity – showing the way.

Meditation in the workplace is simple and accessible and requires nothing other than a quiet room, a little time and space away from the direct working environment and the guidance of an experienced teacher.

It is a skill, an art, a practice; a means to making a deeper, fuller connection to ourselves. It has the potential to optimise both performance and the working experience It offers a way to brighten and lift that which has become tired and stale, towards a new freshness and where ease and lightness can begin to infuse the workforce and workplace. It can begin to grow and develop a new potential within each individual and according to their own unique individuality. In this way both individual experience and productivity may be enhanced and increased.

This way of working with workers, and through the ranks, is visionary and offers a new paradigm of inclusivity and genuine caring for the humanity of the workers. Within any workplace there is the potential for alert, focused, mutually supportive workers where inspiration and enthusiasm replace fatigue, feelings of boredom or overwrought, and of diminishing interest.

Much is possible but we must look to doing something different, something that can restore, rejuvenate and revive the human beings that make up the workforce. Ultimately we create a win/win situation; as any system or way needs to be if it is to produce fruit over time. And where everybody is boosted with a sense of ‘feel good’ and wholesome.

As well as working with relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, the power and beauty of the word, in the form of poetry and quotation is used in these sessions to inspire and uplift.