In Education


Looking after the future

Ideally education provides an opportunity to bring out the best in people; to inspire and enable learning, growth and development.

It is widely known that many educational establishments can be places of great stress, where the systems they are required to deliver, create a drain and pressure on both teachers and pupils/students.

There are simple and valuable practices that can be worked with within the learning environment, either as part of the schedule of the teaching day or as part of break times, or following the completion of the teaching day. These are practices that have the capacity to relax and restore; that enable participants to reconnect with the deeper part of themselves towards a renewal of energy, focus and inspiration.

The practices are adaptable and appropriate for both teachers and students/pupils. They are a means towards the fullest potential of each individual.

Our capacity to bounce back, to restore and rejuvenate, is great, especially when we have not drifted too far into depletion or distraction. It is immensely helpful to give time and space in order to enable and encourage this natural refuelling.