I rest into the open hearted generosity

I rest into the open hearted generosity
Of the Great Spirit
Born into the ‘civilised’ west, but
Bringing with me the thread of
Consciousness that knows we
Do not own the Earth
But are supported by her, and
We in return are required
To honour and tend her;
Her abundance, her gifts,
And to give back, to take
Only what we need and
Leave enough for others and
Her natural replenishment.

We are ‘stewards’
Guardians that come and go,
Bearing our responsibility, or
Decimating in ignore-ance
Of what is,
The reality of the ‘one.’
My breath flows a river
Is part of the great ocean
That I expand in to
As I sit
In silence
In stillness
Eyes closed to feel
More keenly the essence
Deep, radiating infinity,
With nowhere to go

And nothing to do.
Wherever you are
Whatever is taking form
In your linear lives
It is there, it is here
When you take time to
Feel your way, let go and
Enter this other world,
And when united with
You bring with you the
Thread and fragrance of
Spirit-full, of oneness
Of love
Into all that you do, and are
Blessed you
Blessed me
Blessed be

Saturday 10th January 2015