Health Care Practitioners

‘Getting to know YOU’ – Deepening your connection to yourself

Personal and career development for Health Care practitioners and teachers

As Health Care Practitioners and teachers we are the ones who need to be deeply connected to ourselves and to know ourselves as fully as possible. We are the ones who need to be properly grounded and to be able to contain ourselves, to become more conscious and be able to meet ourselves in the difficult and challenging places. It is us more than any who need to become as fully in charge of ourselves and our energy as possible. Then we have something ‘real’ to offer. Then we know the territory.

This not only serves our-self but by extension serves our work. It has been said in numerous traditions and by many wise and enlightened teachers that when we know ourselves we know everything.

To know one-self deeply requires that we have done a great deal of work with ourselves and that we are in a continuation of this towards our fullest growth and development.

I teach practices and run small intimate groups (A maximum of 12 participants) where sharing and our personal expression is a part of the work and the learning. We learn from each other and from this sharing as well as from the work with the practices and the feedback given following. It is a deeply supportive experience for our lives and our work.

This work is available as one day taster sessions and as 7 month courses comprising of one Saturday or Sunday a month for a 7 or 8 month period.

I have been leading groups and working in this way for more than 10 years and many participants go on to take part in my ‘Deepening’ weekends and longer courses where dream work provides another thread of the getting to know oneself process.

Working in this way has enriched my participants contact with their own work and clients, as well as their contact with themselves. In this way we are all served and all assisted in our serving others as well as being able to look after ourselves better.