Effective Communication

Effective communication

In stillness,
Breathing truth and silent
In speaking; only the meaningful,
Worthy of words.
In responding; from listening and
Hearing the other.
In giving space; receiving.

Attitude and intention lead the way,
Our caring reverberates,
Gentle waves ripple,
Vibrations that carry a force
To move mountains and
Men, hardened by years,
And harshness,

The terrible wars.

A numbing towards
Passed down ignorance,
Generation to generation
Unfeeling, blinded,
Not seeing the way,
Innocent sins of
The forebears.

Now in these times of
Increasing spirit
We know better and
Holding fast to this, act.
We all have our struggles
Each a pilgrim on the path.
Doing our best, we
Make a difference.

In giving;
No wanting or expectation,
In harmony and Inclusion,
Showing the way.
Perched on our own
Particular edge, or resting
In moments of peace or joy;
The touch of happiness.

Co-operation the hidden door
We must quietly find
Step through into a wide
The hidden garden,
Tall trees, shade and sunlight,
Everywhere green,
Warmth and a gentle breeze.

Come let us walk together
Let go of the fighting
Sign up for that game
Humanity united
Passing the baton.
Speak up, do
Say what you need to
But listen too.

The earth is drowning in
Beliefs and opinions;
The rights and the wrongs.
That final straw that looms,
At times too imminent.
Accepting our differences
The vital work of now.

Take courage to feel
Tell me what it’s like
To be you
Your happiness,
Your grief and your fears
And I will listen and
Tell you mine.