April 7th 2020

Keeping connected – A strong centre As our changed world intensifies and we find ourselves more and more restricted in our outer lives, we may be reminded of how this can be a time for drawing on and connecting to ourselves in the inner realms. There is a spaciousness within us that we can access […]

April 26th 2020

As we settle into another 3 weeks of ‘lock down’, we might ask ourselves how are we doing in this changed world? how are we using this time? There will no doubt be many ups and downs in our personal lives, and certainly there is much suffering and pain all around, and that we may […]

Uncertain Times

In these uncertain times we have an opportunity to work more on our practices in order to stay connected and to draw on our inner strength and deep intelligence. Our capacity to sit and be with ourselves in simple ways becomes something we can use to nourish and rest back into a strong centre. A […]