Birthday unfolding

I locked myself out,
Mind would make a meal of it
If I let it,
The rights and the wrongs
Should and should not have’s,
Stormy torrent, pressing
In and down

I didn’t,
But rode wide wings
Into another possibility
More direct and present led,
Slipped away from the plan –
To follow the star not yet shining

This sleepy village
Home of the friend I am staying with,
Late summer warmth brimming
peace and stillness,
Silver grey clouds.
Outside the old school house I

Sit upon a bench and wait,
A misty rain has begun to
Pervade the balmy air.
Two ‘youthful’ elder women
Middle England, Queens English,
Four little girls in tow, stop,

Listen to my story,
Direct me to a blackberry glade
If I get hungry, and if the locksmith doesn’t
Turn up soon, I am invited to lunch in
The stone Farmhouse
Down the road, second on the left,

I love this ‘Deep Earth Home’
‘Land of Summer’ county.
Can you let the day be as it is?
Others, be as they are?
Let yourself be?
The empty fullness of no-thing, want-ing,

Then watch the spring
bubble up and flow,
Let life spread out before you,

Locksmith came, gained entry,
Cheerful, in good time,
And on a Saturday.
Day unfolded,
Openness to

Gate swung wide,
The secret garden
Soft pink, showering,
Green’s lush spaciousness,

So many meetings of
Women, men and hearts,
Magnificent! And
More worthy of
That shut door and hefty fee
Than words can say