Becoming Spirit

Thursday 25th September 2014

Becoming spirit

We are too solid
Too entrenched in matter
We have forgotten that
We are also the soft breeze
And the wild wind
The light stretching shafts
Sharing a warm touch
With all and everything
And the deep quiet dark
Where stars blaze.

We are all of this when
We step beyond that solid
That heavy limiting
The chains so familiar
We no longer see or feel
Stuck as we are in mind and thought
Until grace reminds us,
And we are swept away
Touched by the mystery.

Awaken to this,
Be swept into a wide limitless.
Feel that ocean invite
Your surrender,
The courage to receive
To melt edges and join in,
A leap of faith and feeling
Be touched so deep

That you remember and so
Take with you a
Wisp of silken hair
Providing a bridge of return and
Each time you let go;
Dare enter,
More strands gather to strengthen
The bridge, building to a
Mingling where worlds begin to
Melt and merge into
One round fluid fullness

Where there are no longer
Questions and answers
No longer anything to achieve or know
Only the flow, the fullness
The river and the ocean and
The wide air, and life moves on
Where doing is done and
Being shared,
Pearly ever present puffs of clouds
Unfolding; billowing
Peace and inclusion.