Absent friends

Absent friends?

There are threads that unite everything;
An invisible flow,
Delivers us to each other;
Our thoughts,
The essence of these
Through oceanic air,
No bounds
Touches those on earth and beyond.

Opening more and more to this life
We begin to see, to feel,
The boundless, the miracle.
Alert and present;
Morning light, mighty trees, bird song,
A bright smile, ‘chance’ meeting,
So many things and instances;
They are all there

And so to expand and expand,
Unite with the river,
Touching and touched.
Dropping deep into our depths
To meet with stillness
We gather essence, ‘til
Fullness blossoms;
Pebble dropped in water
Circling out and out
To join and merge

Entering the one
Cannot fail to brighten,
Cells spring to life

Come on in
Enter the stream
Is anyone ever absent?
Only the physical is separate