Kay BaxterI have been working in the field of personal growth and development for more than 30 years and from as far back as I can remember have always had an interest in people and their functioning in life and the world. I have an honours degree in Psychology and a background in psychology and therapy.

Following graduating in 1979 I worked within a psychotherapeutic community and explored many aspects and areas of therapeutic intervention, including psychodrama, support groups, relaxation and social skills. Later I trained as a Hypnotherapist and practised and studied both privately and with the Association of Applied Hypnosis.

I became interested in yoga and meditation in my late teens and this interest has grown, developed and expanded over more than 35 years. I have been involved in intensive study and practice with meditation, mindfulness and the human energy system for many years towards increasing and expanding awareness and deepening my knowledge of myself and the work.

Whilst drawing on a variety of traditions from East and West, including sources from India and in particular the Satyananda tradition my main influence has been the Teacher and Healer Hilmar Schohauer who I have been working with and learning from for more than 20 years. Hilmar worked for many years with Bob Moore who is well known for the Centre he established in Denmark and his work with hundreds of Doctors, Psychologists, Health Care professionals and many others. His work with people focused on introducing and expanding awareness and knowledge of themselves and their functioning, through the dimension of Meditation and energy work. This remains the focus and purpose of the work as it has been passed down and developed. Practices with meditation and the energy system, take us deeper towards the nature of our true selves and where our qualities and potential await our attention. The more we know ourselves, the more by extension, we begin to know the nature of humanity at large.

I have been leading Meditation and Mindfulness groups and working with individuals since 1994. I trained to become a Yoga teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga and have been teaching yoga for 18 years.

Kay BaxterMy teaching and work with groups has taken me into Health and Well-being centres, schools, colleges, rest homes and the work place, as well as the general and private classes and courses that I run. I also work with individuals on a one to one basis. Within these frameworks I see people challenged by a variety of life situations, relationship, and health issues. Simple meditation practices and a space and opportunity for reflective focus provides a supportive ground for the progression of self knowledge and clarity.

I have been a prolific writer over a period of more than 30 years, a practice that I use everyday in journal writing. I also write poetry, articles, short stories and flash fiction. I now teach and lead workshops in both Meditation and writing, and in Meditation and Creative Expression.In these groups I use writing as a tool for getting to know ourselves and revealing more of who we are. The practices assist towards coming closer to the inherent and individual creativity within each one of us and can lead to the discovery of talents, and to the beginning of a journey into an expression of what it is that we really love; what it is that fills us with a sense of pleasure,purpose and satisfaction, and that can bring about a renewed love of life.

I have over the years come to appreciate more and more the value of meditation, mindfulness and related practices as tremendous tools for personal healing, growth and fulfilment. My own exploration of consciousness and our highest potential through meditation and related work is ongoing using and developing the practices I now teach widely.