Archives for May 2015

Great Spirit

Great Spirit Beyond my window Song of leaves Washed by the wind, Reaches me In spite of distance, Grey dove coos a Clear note From a nearby sill, I am praying and it is clear That we are all one, From beyond this window I receive those leaves Swishing, tinkering Enchantment, and then those cast […]

Iron sure

Iron sure Not grasping, not running, Opening, endless opening An expansive, not exclusive Awareness, where everything Has a place; the ache in my neck Seagulls screeching beyond My window, these words that Fall from the great sky That I lay to rest, to Take up later and so Allow the stillness to descend And deepen, […]

Effective Communication

Effective communication In stillness, Breathing truth and silent In speaking; only the meaningful, Worthy of words. In responding; from listening and Hearing the other. In giving space; receiving. Attitude and intention lead the way, Compassionate; Our caring reverberates, Gentle waves ripple, Vibrations that carry a force To move mountains and Men, hardened by years, And […]

August autumn

August autumn This middle August autumn Carries so many autumns past, So that all lie around me Gathered as one fullness, One brimming overflowing Lush as spring’s new green. Gathering to a brink Like starlings flocking in Hundreds, for the great flight. More vast in the dying down, Drawing in, Towards the Full surrender that […]