Archives for April 2015

One evening

One evening….. I read some words From students I share my work with, Wrote some comments, I sang some holy words, Tapped a poem on my keyboard And sent it on to friends, In all this Communion

Absent friends

Absent friends? There are threads that unite everything; An invisible flow, Delivers us to each other; Our thoughts, Feelings; The essence of these Streaming, Through oceanic air, No bounds Touches those on earth and beyond. Opening more and more to this life We begin to see, to feel, The boundless, the miracle. Alert and present; […]

Table of my becoming

Table of my becoming I sit in stillness and Invite everything and everyone in, To gather around the Table of my becoming All the fragments The dispossessed of So many generations Floating and flying around Invisible in the ether Longing to find their way home To take their place and So to complete and fill […]

Beauty rich

Beauty rich Touching a wordless depth of being It is the simplicity in life Which is most beautiful; Cat curled on a cushion, View from my window on this Pale November morning, The great arc of sky, Chimney smoke snaking. At the hanging feeder; small birds, Pigeon perched, awaiting The window sill scattering, The few […]

I rest into the open hearted generosity

I rest into the open hearted generosity Of the Great Spirit Born into the ‘civilised’ west, but Bringing with me the thread of Consciousness that knows we Do not own the Earth But are supported by her, and We in return are required To honour and tend her; Her abundance, her gifts, And to give […]

I will not

I will not I will not stay stuck In busy mind and thinking. I stretch and spread my Looking, my listening, Till feeling ignites and Expands into fullness, Brimming a way and Path to knowing. I will not spoil this day with Guilt and shame that Scrambles around, seeking A place to enter, To tighten […]

I watch the birds

I watch the birds Wash of cloud moving across A deepening grey sky, I bear my cross. Courage is what these Times are hungry for Not medication and television To keep us ‘soft’ and silenced. There are jewels beneath Our depression and distress That we can only find Through opening to feel And move through, […]

Become the flower

Become the flower No need to hold away From the moment Or grasp it to you, With your wanting to Squeeze more from it, Let it be, ‘Be’ still with it, Become the flower, The full blooming Fragrant immensity, Not crush and hamper with Your pushing and pulling From some idea of Should and ought […]