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Becoming Spirit

Thursday 25th September 2014 Becoming spirit We are too solid Too entrenched in matter We have forgotten that We are also the soft breeze And the wild wind The light stretching shafts Sharing a warm touch With all and everything And the deep quiet dark Where stars blaze. We are all of this when We […]


Cemeteries These havens awash with the life and growth of nature Where the dead rest, Their particular fascination Grows a feeling in Living forms that wander, A slowing down Drawing in Flowing out, A quietness falls softly, We are invited into another world Full and light with spirit And a soft calm where they have […]

Bright the world

Bright the world Bright the world With eyes washed By so many tears, Each veil removed Revealing new clarity Like the silver sparkles In yesterdays stark cold Air awash and dancing Clear blue the winter sky. Abandoning escape routes I have accompanied myself Stayed close Felt deep Let waves rise and tumble Drag and dash […]