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A poem is best…

A poem is best….. A poem is best when it writes itself Rather than being set to When words appear out of Nowhere and everywhere On waves of feeling Swirled into form Like flocks of sky gathering birds Preparing to migrate A journey of instinct and rhythm Not mind made

Whatever you do

Whatever you do Whatever you do, Wherever you go, Whoever you are with, You bring with you the totality of yourself And that totality with all its inhibitions, Prejudices, anxieties, It’s fixed patterns and tensions It’s questioning doubt Will colour it all, Colour everything. And so we need to get close, Know ourselves deeply, Dig […]

Coming home

Coming home Just sitting, Window gazing, Breathing. The song of the birds Flitting amidst branches Or perched atop the roof of the rough old stone wall; Outhouse and nesting place. Jaw falls open, Relaxes, Softens my face, And all around is soft too, Soft and spacious and quiet. Cat upon my lap, Muffled hammerings of […]