Archives for April 2014

Revealing joy

Revealing joy Don’t hide from your feelings Let sorrow touch you So that what Has been held Can release Out of your muscles Your joints Recover the lost aliveness Of what has been stuck In a holding And with that seeping forth Nudge forward The joy That is close by Ready to spill And flower

Starting the day

Starting the day Sitting in presence Cells stretch to greet the day. Closed eyes reveal Wide open Plaines. White horse stamps a hoof And shaking his handsome head Whinny’s his sound. Water springs a clear mountain stream Pools gather. Shoots that have pushed through The dark earth Flower. A cool breeze descends, Headache dissolves Tensions […]

Full moon, me and the wind

Full moon, me and the wind Is it the moon Or is it me Or both perhaps An in between Makes a fuzzy, choppy Scrambledness A stark unrest I’m in a mess. But let me sit And be with it Meet it, Let it be Just as it is. Explore, contain, Breath it in No […]

The clear quiet lake

The clear quiet lake I want to share with you To show, shine light On the aliveness I feel When I write How the river of myself Gathers and flows Spilling and spreading Swirling eddies and stretching Satin ribbon trails Down stream Within the green banks Which hold the stillness And watch Till they too […]

The world is mad

The world is mad The world is mad Yet still the Blackbird sings Relief in the darkening day. Words bring me alive Fill me with juice I am no longer alone Colour, sound, deep feeling The poetry I read And write

A poem is best when………

A poem is best….. A poem is best when it writes itself Rather than being set to When words appear out of Nowhere and everywhere On waves of feeling Swirled into form Like flocks of sky gathering birds Preparing to migrate A journey of instinct and rhythm Not mind made

Sweet honey

Sweet honey You are unique And beautiful Don’t spoil yourself In competition In trying Striving To be better than More than To outshine, Overshadow another This only diminishes Your own glory. Set yourself free With the balm Of co-operation Where love meets love A sweet honey Spreading endlessly

Bristol Walking

Bristol walking I will not eat unless I am hungry I tell myself, But what to do when The need for comfort descends, When there are no arms To wrap around and hold, No naked body to merge with. Ideas that form As I walk the Downs and The elegant ’old city’ streets; This work […]

What is it that you love

What is it that you love? Whatever it is that you love That has perhaps got lost Seek it out Watch for the flash Of a spark Then reach for Twisted paper and thin sticks Till flames kindled lick. Urge any limp falling back With a softly blown Bringer of life Breath, Then tend some […]