The Energy System Of Man

As well as having a physical body we also have a subtle energetic body often referred to as the Aura. This is a very real, vital and important part of our being and that is becoming more and more widely accepted in many disciplines, including those of science and medicine.

The energy body is an invisible field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and has a direct influence on health and well being. It is described by people who are able to see subtle energy as an egg shaped luminosity that surrounds the physical body. This field can expand and contract in response to and in accordance with our moods and states.

The aura is a field of energy through which our senses and sensitivity operate and through which we pick up information about and from our environment, in subtle ways. So for example when we feel uncomfortable in a particular environment or with a particular person for no apparent reason, our energy body is picking something up and passing on the message in this way. Conversely we may find ourselves uplifted and energised by being in another environment or in the the company of a person who we have a deep and positive connection with. There can be great subtleties in this and according to our own past and experience as well as particular types of personalities and situations.

As a result of our life experiences the energy body can develop blockages and stuck-ness that have a limiting affect on our life force and the flow of energy.

We are particularly susceptible to influences in childhood, since as children we are very ‘open’ and more naturally connected to our energy bodies, and such that we are very sensitive to what is going on around us. Unpleasant atmospheres, unspoken disharmony as well as more direct influences, such as, being frequently judged, criticised or admonished have a very real and detrimental effect. Likewise frequent demands made on a child that are beyond what they are able for, or comfortable with, will have a negative effect. All of the above, and in accordance to the degree and frequency of occurring, can have a big impact, leading to a tightening and holding away in the body (tension) and a drawing in and holding of the breath. These are spontaneous and natural reactions that occur as a protective measure which unfortunately have the effect of binding and restricting energy flow.

We will, of course, all have had some difficult and unpleasant experiences, without these making any significant impact. But if these happen over time and are a regular occurrence, then there is an inevitable effect.

An understanding of and conscious working with the movement of energy that surrounds and supports the physical body is a means by which we can begin to reconnect with ourselves and our naturalness.

Working directly with the energy body through accessing and bringing a feeling awareness to the energy centres and points in the energy system and by learning to tune into the energy movement and move between the different points with awareness can begin a healing process. A process whereby stuck, held and restricted energy may begin to loosen and release enabling a better flow and over time a deeper, more relaxed connection to oneself. In time and with practice we also build a stronger sense of self.