I go to the woods

Tall trees; an irregular Cathedral
Soaring trunks,
Rain touched leaves
Brilliant in sunlight
Fresh green, in shadow

Our wanting so much from everything,
Limiting our ability to be open to receive
A simplicity, so natural and easy.
Small birds sing out
Crow caws

Day does nothing but ‘be’
Only people hanker
Longing for something, that misses what is,
The immensity of moment and now
That does not pull or push or

Want from us
But in its endless opening,
Its expressive being,
We are included
An invitation, ever present.

Dare to enter what has seemed to be
An unbearable spaciousness of being
And so to find the exquisite truth of ‘is’
I allow; no, invite the ache of aloneness
Draw it close, let it touch so deep; to flood

And in the company of these mighty giants
Showing the way, stay with it,
Watch it melt into divine stillness
As peaceful and quiet as the leaves
That hover on this breathless day.

It will come again I know
But I have tasted its fullness and
Can include it now, let it be, let it live
Let it have its place
For there is no wholeness without it.

This wood, a glorious crowding of variety
All taking their place without judgement
Opinion, self consciousness,
Just is and is and is
As it is

And I have learned that the way is not to
Exclude, reject and push away
But to stay open;
Arms and heart wide and willing.

We shared a great intimacy
But then your coldness and withholding
Drove me away,
The flow of love halted, confused,

Nowhere to go,
To continue, to flow,
Bounced back from the walls
You built around you.

As it turned out a great gift
Who would have known? that drew
A love; needy, looking to another
Back to myself

And where it could gather and
Grow a great wave that now
Includes myself,
The ‘me’ that had been forgotten
That I too had forgotten

And such that the great fullness
Was evaded
That is here now all around me
And within me contained
But without barriers

I sit, my back against the
Great redwood Sequoia
And merge and mingle
The greatest intimacy

Fullness to fullness
Nowhere to go
But here

You were only devastated
After your harsh plan
Of punishment failed and
I stung to the core, withdrew

With enough of myself to save
And with a knowing gleaned from
An openness to receive great pain
Grew myself alive with love

A love which you withheld
Igniting my inner love of self,
A responsiveness to reach and soothe
That confused limpness
And grow again a
Tower of strength.

Nowhere to go
Nothing to do and
Everything laid out and
Brimming possibility

I have found myself
And found love and
Within it all a great love
That stretches and envelops
And includes